Jared’s Story:

Everyone at some point in their lives has to ask themselves if they are crazy. We all experience the world differently — but what if your thoughts and actions are too different? When people venture away from societal norms, those around them become afraid. They don’t understand. But what if you could understand? What if you could get in someone else’s head?

All Jared wants to know is what he did wrong. Abandoned by his family and made to live in a mental hospital that feels more like hell, Jared is forced to face the monster within.

On the outside he might seem like your average teenage boy, but on the inside, his mind is threatening to tear him apart.


Sara’s Story:

“You’ll tell Mom if you’re not doing good?”
I nod again, my throat’s too tight to speak.
“I’m serious, you’ll tell her this time?”
“Yes sir.” My heart bangs on my rib cage.
“Promise?” Dad pushes.
“Promise.” I lie. I could never do that to her again. I’m stronger this time.

New school. New year. It’s all too familiar for military brat, Sara Parker. After her dad gets deployed, the darkness in her mind is set free, wreaking havoc on every aspect of her life. Stuck in the bottom of a pit with no one to turn to, Sara’s world comes crashing down as everyone around her discovers her secrets, one scar at a time.


We all get a little depressed sometimes. Some of us struggle with being depressed for longer periods of time. The chemicals in our brain get out of balance and we need extra help. That’s okay. When I struggle I write poetry, it helps me get all the poison out. There are days when I remind myself that it’s hard to see the light without the dark. This poetry book is full of the dark days.